What kind of accounts do you sell?

We sell aged 2007 -2014 accounts with followers from 1000 – 100000.

What payments do you accept?

We accept paypal, Cryptocurrency and all card payments.

How fast do you deliver orders?

We deliver as soon as payment is confirmed, only in rare cases could it take up to 24 hours.

Will i get banned for buying a twitter account?

No you won’t, your account could only be suspended if you break any of the twitter rules. 

Are the followers real?

Our accounts are real profiles with real followers. However, given how old the accounts are, some of the followers may have become inactive over the years.

Can i edit the account details?

Yes, username and profile details can be changed. However, be careful while editing the D.O.B as Twitter requires a minimum age of 13 years at the time the account was created.